Students With Disabilities

Office of Disability Services

Students with disabilities are encouraged to participate in SummerStart. Classroom and testing accommodations, as well as other disability related resources will be available throughout the summer program. Register with Office of Disability Services

Students who have a documented disability and intend to access disability related resources and/or accommodations through the Office of Disability Services while attending Syracuse University may apply for a McLane SummerStart Scholarship. This is a full scholarship to the SummerStart Program which also provides additional academic support and technologies.

These scholars are recognized as potential leaders of the University, and will participate in scholarly activities throughout their entire time at Syracuse University.

Read more about the McLane SummerStart Scholarship and how to apply.

For more information, contact the Office of Disability Services at 315-443-1371 (TDD), 315-443-4498 (voice only), or 315-443-1312 (fax). You may also visit the Office of Disability Services at their web site.