Academic Integrity

Why is academic integrity important?

Successful societies depend upon trust and reciprocity; businesses and professions depend upon goodwill and a commitment to excellence; Universities depend upon honest research, devoted teaching, and disciplined learning. The Academic Integrity Policy at Syracuse University is designed to help educate leaders who understand and live by these values.

What Does Academic Integrity Mean?

According to author Charles Lipson, who writes for students about academic success and honest work at the university level (Doing Honest Work in College (Chicago 2004), p.3, academic integrity means:

  • “When you say you did the work itself, you actually did it.”
  • “When you rely on someone else’s work, you cite it. When you use their words, you quote them openly and accurately, and you cite them too.”
  • “When you present research materials, you present them fairly and truthfully. That’s true whether the research involves data, documents, or the writings of other scholars.”

See “Twenty things you should know about academic integrity at Syracuse University” at the Office of Academic Integrity web site.