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International Students


Are there required courses for SummerStart students?

All students are required to take at least 7 credit hours, one of which is the SummerStart Seminar course (CAS 102). This course serves as an introduction to resources and services on campus.

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Do I have to take the placement exams?

Yes, all students are required to take the placement exams, which are used to advise students regarding their placement in the appropriate course. See placement testing for complete instructions. All students for which English is not their first language are required to take the ELAE placement exam. The 2018 ELAE Placement exam will take place at 8am on Monday, July 2nd in Tolley Hall 110. Note: If you are an international student whose primary language is English, contact the SummerStart office to obtain a waiver.

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How do students register for courses in SummerStart?

All students will be contacted via telephone and/or e-mail by their school/college advisor approximately 1 – 2 weeks prior to arrival for the program to discuss options for their class schedule.

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How large are the class sizes in the summer?

SummerStart attempts to limit class size to 20 students. This allows the instructors to give students one-on-one attention and gives students a better transition to college coursework. However, if a student does not enroll in a SummerStart section, courses may be slightly larger. (See academic courses for additional information.)

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I have noticed there is a 2-week gap between the end of SummerStart and the beginning of the academic year. What do I do?

If it is not possible for you to return home, the University provides intersession housing. There is a daily nominal fee associated with this service. It covers student room and meals during the times when the University is not open. Note: You cannot stay in the room you are assigned to during the summer or the fall terms. SummerStart housing offers a temporary residence accommodation, and all students must leave the SummerStart residence hall on August 11 by 9am. Temporary residence is provided by the Office of Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services. Please contact this office starting in June if you know you may be interested in this option.

If you plan to store your belongings while you return home, Syracuse University works with a local storage company: Lazybones is a storage and laundry company that services campuses across the country. They are the preferred vendor of Syracuse University and maintain a local facility, manager, and staff. They will pick up your belongings from the residence hall during the last week of summer classes and deliver them to your fall residence hall during the first week of fall academic classes. You are not encouraged to store essentials such as sheets or toiletries, since your belongings will arrive at your hall a couple of days after you move in.

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Is financial aid available for the SummerStart program?

Students who have received a financial aid award for the upcoming academic year are eligible for financial assistance for SummerStart as well. The amount of financial assistance you are eligible to receive for SummerStart is based on the financial aid award you received for the upcoming academic year. [read more…—link to new financial aid page]

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When should we arrive on campus?

Arrival is set for the Saturday prior to the start of the program. Additional information will become available in early June.

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Will someone pick me up from the airport upon arrival?

No. However, transportation to the University is available via taxi from the airport, train, and bus stations. The cost is approximately $20-$30 and the trip takes approximately 20 minutes.

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International Students

How long does it take to receive my revised I-20?

International students should send in their enrollment card as soon as possible. The SummerStart office, in conjunction with the Slutzker Center for International Services, will automatically begin the process of completing your revised I-20 upon receipt of your enrollment card and deposit. You should receive confirmation of shipping of the immigration documentation via email within 2 weeks of submission of your enrollment card and deposit.

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If I already have an I-20 from Syracuse University, will I need a new one to attend SummerStart?

Yes! The I-20 allows students to arrive in the United States up to 30 days prior to the start of classes. SummerStart begins almost 2 months prior to your arrival for the fall semester. SummerStart will work with the Slutzker Center for International Services to revise your I-20.

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What do I have to do after I arrive in Syracuse?

STEP 1: Check into the Slutzker Center

Check into the Slutzker Center (see information in Question #3 above). You may enter the United States no earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date as indicated on Form I-20 (Item #5) or DS-2019 (Item #3). At the Slutzker Center, you will receive a Clearance Form for completing the following steps.

STEP 2: Obtain Clearances

To ensure that your University records are in proper order, you must visit certain University offices to obtain signatures from them prior to course registration. A Clearance Form is used for this purpose. View the Clearance Process and Form at All international students must provide proof of health insurance which meets the minimum standards as described in Essential Medical Information.

STEP 3: Attend Orientations and Provide Data

Checking in at the Slutzker Center and attending departmental orientations is mandatory.

Note: Orientation will be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Your Personal Slutzker Center Orientation will begin upon your arrival at the Slutzker Center. This will consist of checking in, completing paperwork, and having your questions answered.
  2. After your Slutzker Center Orientation there will be a New Student Arrival Seminar, the date and time to be assigned after your arrival. During this seminar you will be provided with answers to your personal questions, and given information on University policies, immigration regulations, and registration procedure
  3. Following the New Student Arrival Seminar is the Large Group Orientation. Here you will meet officials from the University and learn more about health care, safety, and academic/social environments.
STEP 4: Obtain Final Clearance from the Slutzker Center.
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What documentation do I need to bring with me when I come to SummerStart?

You are required to bring all immigration documents—passport, I-20/DS-2019, I-94, affidavit(s) of financial support and, if applicable, your health insurance policy—to the Slutzker Center for International Services, 310 Walnut Place, within the first week of your arrival. Business hours for the Center are 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

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What should I do if I have any questions about the immigration process?

Contact the Slutzker Center for International Services:
Phone: (315) 443-2457

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