Julian Primous

“Before coming to Summerstart, I didn’t know what to expect.” Julian has a speech impediment and though he excelled in high school, he was worried about college. “I didn’t want people to get the wrong impression of me.”

He had to learn to be himself and not let his speech impediment get in the way. “During a CAS 102 Seminar presentation, the presenter told the class, ‘There’s never going to be another you.’ I learned to ‘Be You’ and to be proud. So I stutter, so what.”

Julian’s advice to future SummerStart students: “Ask yourself, where do you see yourself in the fall? If you want to make friends and be comfortable on campus, l highly recommend SummerStart. All your fears and doubts are completely gone after attending SummerStart. You have to step outside of your comfort zone, leave your room door open, and then let it happen. SummerStart helped me to learn to manage my time and got me ready for courses in the fall. I have more confidence now that I can reach my goals.”

Julian was the winner of the SummerStart Annual Talent Show.